Workshop and Training Programs for TIMSS 2007

TIMSS Instruments

TIMSS 2007 study adopted a number of educational instruments in order to collect the required information and achieve TIMSS objectives. These tools include average achievement assessments, and surveys. Developing the TIMSS tests for 2007 was a cooperative venture involving all national research coordinators during the entire process.

In designing the tests, a group of item blocks were adopted. Fourteen blocks in mathematics as well as 14 blocks in science were developed. These items blocks were distributed among the tests booklets which reached 12 test booklets in mathematics and science. Moreover, these tests were developed. Tests were developed in a scientific way in line with the educational reform theories and tests development. The first version of the tests was experimented on a sample of students in most of the countries participating in the study. The final version of the test was developed based on the outcomes of the sample. Consequently, each country translated the tests from the English language to the language of the country (i.e., the language in which these subjects are taught). In the translation process, “cultural adaptation” was taken into consideration.

The key tools used in the study are: the student questionnaire; teacher questionnaire; school questionnaire; curriculum questionnaire; and tests booklets for mathematics and science.